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gender neutral teaching [Mar. 29th, 2012|08:29 pm]
A Community for LGBT Teachers Working in the K-12


I'm a queer, female-bodied person who is about to enter a M.Ed. program and start my student teaching soon. I've wanted to be a teacher for the last couple years and I'm excited about finally getting to be in a classroom. While I consider myself genderqueer, my facial features/body type reads very feminine. I'm uncomfortable with being called Ms., and Mr. doesn't feel quite right either. I've been playing around with using Mx. as a gender-neutral replacement for these other titles, and I'm curious if other people have used this term or have other better examples of what has worked for them. I really want to stay true to myself and be open/honest with my students, but I also don't want to make a lot of trouble for myself in a new school over a term I'm not even 100% on board with yet. I'd truly prefer just to go by my first name, which regardless of my gender identity I'd probably want to do anyway, but that's another thing the administration may not be okay with.
Thoughts on how to be a genderqueer teacher w/o having gendered titles?

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